Charles Edenshaw is the first survey of this iconic figure in Northwest Coast art, and the book brings together the largest number of his works ever assembled and offers a rare opportunity to view his legacy. Working in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, Edenshaw was an exceptional carver of wood, silver and argillite, imbuing traditional Haida design with an innovative and elegant personal style. Recognized in his time as an outstanding carver, his work continues to be a great inspiration to those who visit the many prominent museums around the world that hold his acclaimed artworks in their collections. Not only do these remarkable objects tell us much about Haida culture, but they are truly sophisticated in their aesthetic achievement.

Charles Edenshaw provides a useful context to the Haida tradition and explores Edenshaw’s Haida roots, including interviews with his descendants still based in the region. Edenshaw’s distinctive style is addressed, along with issues surrounding the attribution of Haida artworks. Much attention is also given to the legacy of Charles Edenshaw and the contemporary artists that he influenced; the book includes interviews with contemporary artists Raymond Boisjoly, Neil Campbell, Robert Linsley and Isabel Rorick. Packed with lavish illustrations and beautiful colour photography of Edenshaw’s work this title is essential for anyone with an interest in Northwest Coast art.


Table of Contents:

Director’s Foreword, Kathleen S. Bartels
Chief’s Foreword, James Hart, Chief 7Idansuu

Creating for Culture: Edenshaw’s Haida Roots and Cultural Transformations, Nika Collison

The Bear Mother Story, Stacey Brown
kuugan jaad, Mouse Woman, Robert Charles Davidson
The Story of the Blind Halibut Fisherman, Guujaw
The Story of The Lazy Son-in-Law, James Hart
How Raven Gave Females Their tsaw, Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson
Charles Edenshaw and the Development of Narrative Structure in Nineteenth Century Haida Art, Alan Hoover

DISTINCT STYLE Gina isda aadaga
Will the Real Charles Edensaw Please Stand Up?: The Problem of Attribution in Northwest Coast Indian Art, Bill Holm
Da.a. xiigang, Charles Edenshaw, Master Carpenter, Robert Charles Davidson
Placing Style: A Look at Charles Edenshaw’s Bracelets Through Time, Bill McLennan and Karen Duffek
Charles Edenshaw and Melting Glaciers, Robin K. Wright

NEW FORMS Gina aadaga
Eagles and Elephants: Cross-Cultural Influences in the Time of Charles Edenshaw, Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse
A “Novel and Modern” Artist: Charles Edenshaw, Aldona Jonaitis

Edenshaw’s Legacy in Contemporary Art, Daina Augaitis
Chronology, Robin K. Wright and Mandy Ginson

Selected Bibliography
Notes on Contributors
List of Works in Exhibition
Photography Credits
Lenders to the Exhibition