Roundabout Vancouver

The Goodweather Collective is a group of emerging designers who work across media and disciplines with a consistent interest in the built environment and the analysis of its construction. With a finely tuned sense of humour, they have constructed a recasting of Vancouver’s traffic roundabouts that takes us on a detour through time and space to imagine another type of city.

This imagined place is created through a network of roundabouts, one at every existing intersection. While the present City of Vancouver sanctions various treatments for the centre space of roundabouts—community gardens, a monumental rock, and so on—in this “retroprojective” proposal, The Goodweather Collective offers us an alternative vision of the not-so-distant past, one wherein forward-thinking city planners leave an old-growth tree at the centre of each future roundabout.

With this simple and imaginative gesture we can envisage an entirely different city, one in which the massive trees are no longer a rarity but instead define and shape our movement through the urban fabric. While the singular presence of each tree is remarkable, their collective existence is a legacy comparable in size and density to that of Stanley Park. Through this detour the city becomes a forest and the forest a city.

Founded in 2010 and based in Vancouver, The Goodweather Collective is, in their own words, a group of friends. The collective works in an increasingly free and expanding field of ideas taking many forms, from architecture to apps, floating dining pavilions to alpine shelters, posters to pamphlets, and zeppelins to fleece umbrellas.